Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Mr. Frédéric ULENS


As manager of the company, he is committed to monitoring compliance with the rules, so that the client has a pleasant stay and that our staff members are optimal.


Ms. Maria-Catharina

Housekeeper General

A registered nurse and a registered nurse, also a mother of 3 sons, she will ensure proper functioning and compliance with the rules.


Mr. Maxime ULENS


As Chef de cuisine in our establishments, it is for me a top priority to guarantee the precautions taken by the government in terms of sanitation and kitchen management.

Our establishments will be open again from June 11, 2020 for our customers. (government confirmation dated 06/03/20)

We use the directives and advice of the FPS Health, the Walloon region and the CNS. This allows us to stay in our hotel again with a gourmet dinner in our restaurant "Les 7 Fontaines".

It is very important to be very vigilant with hygiene and to take measures to this effect.

Here are the measures taken by our establishments below.

In this new but strange period, it is very important that we can also guarantee a meter and a half between the guests and our employees.

For this, all the working procedures have been reviewed, such as the layout of the lobby, the restaurant, the breakfast, ...

This new situation requires adjustments and revised procedures in the hotel, our restaurant, as well as the flexibility of employees to work differently.

In this way, the safety and health of our employees and our customers are guaranteed.

For this, we have developed the following guidelines to supplement our existing rules.

Because we depend on the FPS Health, the Walloon region, the CNS and there are always new developments, this page is regularly updated.

Because of this dependence, we cannot provide any insight into the relaxation or tightening of our additional security measures.

General guidelines for employees and our customers


Stay at home with a mild cold (sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, mild cough) or fever.


We stand 1.5 meters apart and we do not shake hands.

Everyone works with their own cleaning products or materials. After use, we leave it clean and cleaned for our colleagues.


You must book your stay and your meal beforehand online or by phone.

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We wash our hands regularly, cough and sneeze inside our elbow and use tissues to blow our nose.


Privilege payments by bank card if possible without contact.

General guidelines for employees and our customers

  • The cleaning of the room and / or the repair of a technical defect is only authorized if the customer is not present in the room.


  • Our dining room has been adapted. This means that our tables are spaced at least 1.5 meters apart and that there is a maximum of 4 people or the number of people living under the same roof as you per table. To do this, we work with two rooms, to guarantee security. Mandatory reservation.


  • A 24 hour crawl space between each reservation is made. Reservation of 2 nights compulsory.                                                            (Unless mutually agreed between the hotel and the client) - (CGT recommendation)


  • In a first phase , we only accept customers who have reserved a room at the hotel for consumption in our restaurant and on our terrace. This is to guarantee you a pleasant stay.


  • The arrival and departure times will be fixed in advance, in order to stagger the presence of visitors at the reception.                           (CGT recommendation)


  • Our linen is washed at a temperature of 60 ° C (see manufacturer's recommendations). (CGT recommendation)


  • A daily sanitation cleaning and disinfection plan will be put in place. (CGT recommendation)


  • We provide thorough cleaning and regular disinfection of frequently touched surfaces. (CGT recommendation)


  • We avoid the exchange of documents and, as far as possible, we prefer sending by email (invoices, receipts, payments, welcome letter). (CGT recommendation)


  • Beverage cards will be made available to you via a QR Code or a tablet (disinfection after each use). The restaurant menus will also be available via a QR code or a paper card that the customer can keep.


  • It is not possible to use the public toilets, which are on the ground floor (with the exception of people with reduced mobility). Guests must use the sanitary facilities in their own hotel room.


  • Only get together with people who live under the same roof as you.


  • We respect a latency time of at least 3 hours before taking charge of the sheets and linen in the rooms. (CGT recommendation)


  • Our cleaning team wear gloves when handling textiles. (CGT recommendation)


  • We assure you regularly, during the day, the proper functioning and supply of toilet consumables (water, liquid soap, toilet paper, hand towels). (CGT recommendation)


  • We ensure the disposal of garbage cans as often as necessary and at least daily. (CGT recommendation)


  • We put hydroalcoholic gel (or equivalent hand hygiene device) available to visitors at the entrance and exit of these spaces.                 (CGT recommendation)


  • We recommend wearing the mask to our customers upon entry. They are however free to wear it or not. (CGT recommendation)


  • We set up a separate entrance and exit access. (CGT recommendation)


  • Leaflets with information on the guidelines will be displayed in certain areas of the hotel to clearly inform customers.


  • In addition to public spaces, disinfection points for all employees are also available in various workspaces (offices, kitchens, canteen, etc.).


  • Public spaces: additional tours are carried out by our team in the morning and evening to clean the stair railings at all contact points. This will be done several times a day.


  • An infrared thermometer is available at reception so that customers and employees can (if in doubt) measure their temperature. If someone has a fever of 38 degrees or more, the available member of management will be contacted.


  • We ask our customers to pay as much as possible without contact. If a guest has contacted the terminal, we will disinfect the terminal after each contact.


  • The period during which breakfast is normally freely available to all customers (between 8:00 am and 10:00 am) is divided into separate time slots. This means that customers can have breakfast in a controlled manner, without risking that the measurement of one and a half meters is not guaranteed and that a good breakfast can be provided by our staff.


  • Breakfast will be served by the breakfast staff at the table. The breakfast table is prepared in advance so that customers can have breakfast immediately and contact is minimal.


We wish you a pleasant stay!


The Hôtel Le Saint-Hubert - Restaurant Le Rendez-vous des Gourmets team